The Weekly Edition - Issue 3

19 November, 2017

On Friday, I signed the contract for my new apartment in Ealing Broadway, London. It'll be the first time I've actually lived in the city, although I've been working there for the past five months, and I'm super excited to be able to hang out in London without the exhausting late-night commutes home.

Here's to positive changes. 🍻

Parliament Building London Photo by Eva Dang.


Software Matters in the World, a thought-provoking essay by Anil Dash about how everyone who makes software can work harder on fixing some of the real issues in the industry and solve some of the "Big Bugs" in software.

One of the largest problems in the tech industry, especially prevalent in San Fransisco, is the ego and arrogance of the "tech bro" and how this has affected the public's opinion on people who work for powerful Silicon Valley companies. The Guardian published an interesting piece on people who are "ashamed to work in Silicon Valley", and how companies like Uber, with their many issues such as sexual harassment and staff manipulation, have caused this.

Interesting Reads

Around the Web

  • Code together in real-time with Teletype for Atom. This new Atom package can make pair-programming remotely easy, by allowing you to create shared coding portals in your editor.

  • Notchless, a collection of wallpapers, especially crafted to hide the notch on the iPhone X.

  • Free Code Camp published a comprensive list of 200 universities that are providing 560 free online courses.

  • Sketch Flowkit, a tool for building fast user flows, content maps, screen annotations and more in Sketch.

  • Spectacle 4, the latest version of the React based library for creating sleek presentation, has been released. This is a great tool to create powerful slide decks, and has been my go-to when giving technical talks in the past.

Design Inspiration

  • The new Tesla Roadster dubbed "​the quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range and performance" is an incredibly beautiful creation. Not only has it been claimed (by Elon Musk) to be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds, it is also one of the prettiest machines I've ever seen.
Tesla Roadster The new Tesla Roadster.
  • Ever wondered what The Simpsons' family home would look like with different architectural patterns? Of course not. But, Design Boom have, and they have created some stunning looking adaptions of what they imagined it would look like with styles such as contemporary, American colonial, Victorian, and Tudor revival.
Simpsons Home Architecture The Simpsons' home re-imagined.

A Footnote on Sexism

With the plethora of awful stories being published in the news lately, about men using their power to abuse women, it's hard not to be faced with the reality of some of your favourite artists being terrible people. One such reality for me has been finding out about the allegations surrounding Brand New frontman, Jesse Lacey.

I won't go into much detail here, I just wanted to share an essay published on Pitchfork, discussing the sexism prevalent in emo rock's third wave, and how the warning signs of Jesse Lacey's behaviour from their so-called "date rape" song were largely ignored.

Like many people, Brand New were a source of comfort for me during my adolescence, and it is a heartbreaking reality to be faced with that the people responsible for this could in fact be plain awful people.

Thanks for reading. β˜•οΈ πŸ“°

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