The Weekly Edition - Issue 2

12 November, 2017

Over the past week, I've had a pretty great time staying with a friend from university. It's been nice to get away from home for a while - especially as it reduced my commute to London by about half an hour - and visit people I haven't seen since graduating.

Life's been pretty busy recently, so this edition may be slightly shorter than most.

Photo by Jakub Gorajek.


Apple’s Billion-Dollar Bet on Hollywood Is the Opposite of Edgy - Bloomberg. Apple's plan to produce shows that are "clean" and family-friendly is controversially focusing on the mainstream, while seemingly ignoring viewers who prefer "edgier" content. More discussion around this on the latest episode of Upgrade podcast.

Twitter rolled out 280 character support for all accounts over the past week. Some people seem to be having fun with this, but for me, it seems to just turn an already hard to filter feed into an endless nightmare of sheriff memes. My favourite response to this was Stephen King's incredible take.

Interesting Reads

Around The Web
  • base.cs podcast - a great new podcast on the basics of computer science by Vaidehi Joshi and Saron Yitbarek, adapted from the incredibly helpful blog series.

  • Oak Meditation - a lovely little app that teaches you meditation and breathing techniques, while you can grow an oak tree as you progress. I've tried this app for a few days now, and it's a great free alternative to Headspace - which I use daily - although, I don't see myself switching over just yet.

  • Polished.js - A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript.

Design Inspiration

  • Muuto furniture store page. As Swedish furniture stores go, this web page is pretty sweet. The site has a perfect mix of high contrasting colours and print magazine layouts.
Collection of armchairs on Muuto

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