The Weekly Edition - Issue 1

05 November, 2017

Welcome to The Weekly Edition, written by Daniel Gynn. This is my attempt at keeping a weekly part-journal, part-newsletter about what’s going on in the world this week, posted every Sunday evening. I’m sure the format will evolve somewhat over the future, but the plan is to include personal updates, discussions about the latest tech news/current affairs, and share some interesting content I’ve found throughout the week.


A few cool things happened this week. The Filament AI team moved to our new Waterloo office, giving more space and a bit of a break from the touristy rush of Soho. It's also nice being able to walk along Southbank during lunch and find new places for coffee.


iPhone X Release

Tech news and social media seemed to be, understandably, dominated by the release of the iPhone X this week. You can read/listen to some of my favourites reviews so far here.

It's still pretty early to pass judgement, but it seems that the majority of reports have been highly positive. I currently have the iPhone 7, which has a pretty fantastic camera, but the quality on the X is looking even better, especially with Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting.

Another major talking point on Twitter has been Animoji, and as an extension, the discovery of Animoji Karaoke. While this is undoubtedly a novelty phase, people have been having a lot of fun with this.

Currently Reading

I’ve just finished reading Henning Mankell’s The Dogs of Riga. Usually, I’m not the biggest fan of crime-fiction, but there’s something about the Swedish writer that captivates my attention. Dogs of Riga is my second of the Wallander series, and in many ways, it was better than the first. Post-Cold War settings always seem to interest me, and exploring the early-nineties situation in the Baltic states, via an outsiders experience, was especially compelling.

Interesting Reads

Here is a short collection of articles, podcasts and good content I've found on the web over the last week. ☕️

Around the Web

Here are some useful tools and technologies I've found in the world of web development recently.

  • The Design Census is “an open and collaborative survey and resource for understanding the complex economic, social, and cultural factors shaping the design practice today” created by Google and AGIA. These surveys always provide a deeper understanding of the people who shape the world of design, and the experiences we all have.

  • The Magic of CSS is a free CSS course, by Adam Schwartz, to for web developers to learn some of the great features of the language.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know. 👋

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